About ISF

The International Spoqcs Federation (ISF) was created at the International Spoqcs Federation Constituent Assembly held in Guilan, Iran on May 5th , 2011 in the ISF HQ. It is a world association comprising all countries having a National Federation or Association competent in all styles of Spoqcs and agreeing to comply with the ISF Constitution and Regulations.

SPOQCS "ISF" Registration & Recognition in Olympic Movement: International Spoqcs Federation "ISF" Registered by TAFISA in 2017

The ISF is the governing body responsible for all forms of SPOQCS on a global level: Spoqcs Indoor Gamese, Spoqcs Beach Gamese and Spoqcs grass field , public centers , parks Games .

Working closely with national associations / federations from all over the world, the ISF aims to develop SPOQCS as a major world media and entertainment sport through world-class planning and organization of competitions, marketing and development activities.

ISF Vision

To see SPOQCS being played in the highest levels of Local, Regional, Continental, International and Olympic competitions.

ISF Mission

Complete the requirements for full Membership to the Sports Accord

Create a fair and diplomatic process for everyone in the global SPOQCS community to understand and cooperate with each other.

 Protect SPOQCS from individuals and organizations with commercial and vested interests.

 Encourage and assist the promotion and development of SPOQCS in all countries.

Organize SPOQCS tournaments for teams all over the world to showcase their SPOQCS skills and find out who are the best in the world!

Executive Committee of ISF

M.R.Hashempour Pashaki
Founder & President
Tehran -Iran
Hyung Jin Jung
Secretary General
Seoul - Korea
Nasser Ansar mohammad Al Ansari

Responsible for coordination HQ office
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
1st vice-president