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(Spo : Sport  Q : Quicker  C : Cleverer  S : Stronger)

The sword is the most important human's weapons, over several thousand years. And that's why it's the only sport with a clear history which contains living proofs evidence of its existence. In ancient times and in such great civilizations of Iran and Rome, Greece and Egypt, warriors and brave men mostly used their sword in their fight. And therefore apply the power of the sword, the fencing techniques has been trained under the supervision of experienced instructors and masters.

SPOQCS sport from a variety of combat and non-combat swords in ancient Iran is safe in the form of (Sponge). SPOQCS is " Traditional & Original persian swordsmanship "  the Spoqcs stands for Persian is "Sport - Quicker - Cleverer – Stronger"

Spoqcs Sport is in fact, as "nostalgia for the childhood of all people" a special place to create happiness, health, social interaction, unity and growth of all the communities and citizens around the world through the promotion of physical education culture and development of sport for all and physical activities. Also, there is barely anyone to hasn’t have a wooden or plastic swords in their childhood collections of toys.

SPOQCS is a set of fast and subtle movements. In this sport, all the muscles and joints of the body are used. spoqcs is a high activity sport and a very popular and title one. In this sport, athletes will strengthen their speed and agility, flexibility, quick response to the actions and their harmony and balance. Due to the simple design of this sport, there is no restrictions on age, sex and it’s applicable to all the members of society in all places and thus everyone can deal with it in gyms, offices, schools, parks in order to enhance the confidence and freshness and enjoy in their leisure time.

Benefits of Spoqcs Training

·       Enhanced physical fitness

       Increased hand and eye coordination

·       Increased muscular strength

·       More efficient cardiovascular system

·       Increase flexibility in natural range of motion

·       Reduced body fat and lean body mass

·       Increased development of body awareness

·       Positive changes in blood cholesterol

·       Improve confidence and self esteem

·       Improve concentration, and willpower

·       Enhanced ability in skilled movements

 Spoqcs potentiality in terms of Sport For All

·       Easy to access

·       Low price and public availability

·       Performing this sport in every time and place is possible.

·       It is possible for everyone to take place in competition of this sport without any age limitation (3 to 90 old year) even disable person can take part to this.

·       It makes the spirit of joy and hope during lifetime.

·       Hence educational sword materials are based on compressed foam it is secure and doesn’t hurt anyone 

·       Due to easiness of competitions' rules holding  competition in home, school, organizations and departments is possible.