Great Success of the International Spoqcs Workshop

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The 1st international SPOQCS workshop was held with presence of 18 country member of International Spoqcs Federation.

Great Success of the International Spoqcs Workshop
The 1st SPOQCS International Rules and Regulations Workshop on 6th September 2017 at 09:00 am began by Master Hashempour Pashaki founder of SPOQCS and " ISF " president in Conference Room of Anzali free Zone of Iran and the topics as follow:
1) History of SPOQCS " Iranian traditional and combat sport for all "
2) Introducing Spoqcs Tools and that's related training programs
3) Referee & instructor course
4) SPOQC "ISF" Games Rules

was taught and at the end, a Certificate signed by Dr.Alipour " Member of excutive committe of Iran NOC and president of IFSA" and Grand Master Hashempour Pashaki " Founder & president of ISF" was awarded to the Participants of 1th international Spoqcs workshop.