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Welcome to the  Spoqcs International Federation 


The International Spoqcs Federation (ISF)is here at last! Spoqcs  organizations from the four corners of the earth are joining together to bring Spoqcs  to the next level through collaboration and cooperation.

The main purpose of this organization is to for Spoqcs  to be officially represented in the International community by acting as the International Federation (IF) for the sport. We are here to open the doors and take the first steps towards bringing Spoqcs  to the Olympics and world stage by making this sport recognized by international governing bodies for sports such as:

1.         Local National Olympic Committees (NOC's)

2.         Organisations recognised by the International Olympic Committee (Olympic movment organizations)

3.         And all other legitimate National, Regional, Continental, and International governing bodies for sports.... the list goes on and on and on...

If the athletes who love Tug of War, Bridge, Casting and other activities once considered a "game" can do it so can we! The sport of Spoqcs  deserves it!