Competition Rules

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The ISF Competition Rules and Interpretation

Competition Rules
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There are two system matches in SPOQCS.

  • Form،Self-Defenes
  • Sparring

First, we are going to introduce you to the rules of the section of sparring.

A SPOQCS match is fought between two competitors in an individual match.In team competition there are  five persons in each team.

In the Continental Championships and the World Championships a team consists of five persons(In the five age groups) that fight five matches in each team match.The format requires each Spoqcser on a team to have about with their respective age category the members of the opposing team.

The SPOQCS competitions are organized by age category .Player height and weight do not play a role in classification.

Minors 6 ~ 8 year old

 Toddler 9 ~ 11 year old

 Juvenile 12 ~ 14 year old

Junior 15 ~ 17 year old

 Senior 18 ~ 20 years old

Adults 20 ~ 34 years old

A.Master age 35 ~ 45 years old

B. Master age 46 ~ 55 years old

C. Master age + 55 years old

Methods of Competition
The ISF competitions systems are as follows:
 "AKINAKEH" Short Sponge sword single
 "JOFT AKINAKEH" Double short sponge sword
 "SOUSAR" Long Sponge sword
 "ARSHTAYASH" spear single
 "ARSHTAYASH" spear double head
 Spoqcs standard and free styles competition forms

Duration of Contest,Method of implementation
The SPOQCS competition Area for all  tools is 400 cm to 600 cm.
The all SPOQCS match (individual and team) time is Three minutes for adults,juniors,senior and two minutes for minors,toddler,juvenile and Master age (above 34 year old).

 A match is fought one of the SPOQCS player has scored 10 points or until time runs out.The SPOQCS player with most points at full time wins the match.If there is a draw there will be a new (gold's impact) round which ends when one opponent scores the first point.In a team match the team with more wins on its side wins the whole match. If both teams have an equal amount of wins, then the team that has scored more points wins the team match.

The SPOQCS tools and gar